Why Choose Hard Wax Oil Wood Flooring

Advantages of Hard Wax Oil Wood Flooring Compared to UV Lacquer

Choosing between hard wax oil and UV lacquer for flooring treatment can significantly affect your maintenance routine and the floor’s longevity. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality flooring products, we provide both hard wax oil and UV lacquer options to cater to diverse needs. Here, we’ll explore the key differences in maintenance and usage between these two popular treatments.

Key Advantages of Hard Wax Oil Flooring

1. Durability Without Wearing Down the Surface

Hard wax oil treated floors do not wear down the surface layer as UV lacquer does. Over time, they might lose some gloss and appear dirty, but their waterproof properties remain intact. This makes hard wax oil floors durable and reliable over the years.

2. Simple Daily Maintenance

For daily maintenance, hard wax oil floors require only basic cleaning with soap and water. This simplicity makes them a convenient choice for busy households and commercial spaces.

3. Easy Long-Term Upkeep

When the floor surface starts to look old or dirty, a simple clean with a specialized cleaner followed by reapplying the wax will restore its original beauty. This straightforward process avoids the need for extensive refurbishing.

4. Effective Application and Protection

We apply approximately 80 grams per square meter of hard wax oil to our floors. This precise application ensures excellent resistance to water and oil, maintaining the floor’s condition for 6-8 hours after application.

Characteristics and Maintenance of UV Lacquer Flooring

1. High Wear Resistance

UV lacquer treated floors are known for their high wear resistance. However, over time, the lacquer layer will wear down, necessitating reapplication to maintain its protective properties.

2. Regular Cleaning Needs

For daily care, UV lacquer floors should be cleaned with suitable cleaners to maintain their shine and appearance. While they do not require frequent reapplication like wax, visible wear or scratches will eventually require sanding and recoating.

3. Intensive Long-Term Maintenance

Unlike hard wax oil floors, UV lacquer floors require significant effort to restore once they wear down. The process involves sanding and recoating, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Main Differences Between Hard Wax Oil and UV Lacquer

Long-Term Maintenance: Hard wax oil floors can be easily refreshed by simple cleaningand waxing. UV lacquer floors, on the other hand, require more intensive maintenancesuch as sanding and recoating.

Protective Qualities: Hard wax oil maintains its waterproof capabilities over timewithout the need for major refurbishing. UV lacquer provides high wear resistance butneeds periodic maintenance to uphold its protective layer.

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Why Choose Our Hard Wax Oil Flooring?

As a top-tier flooring manufacturer, we offer premium hard wax oil flooring solutions designed for long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance. Here’s why our hard wax oil floors stand out:

Superior Quality: We use high-grade materials to ensure the durability and beauty of our floors.

Expert Application: Our floors are treated with precision, using around 80 grams per square meter of hard wax oil for optimal protection and appearance.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: With simple cleaning and occasional waxing, our floors remain in excellent condition for years.

Comprehensive Support: We provide robust after-sales service to ensure your flooring continues to meet your expectations.

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