Why Choose American Oak For Flooring?

American Oak: Unmatched Quality for Flooring Needs

Are you considering American Oak for your flooring needs? Discover the unmatched quality, sustainability, and value it offers. Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, American Oak is the smart choice for discerning customers.

Why Choose American Oak?

In today’s challenging market, where wholesalers and distributors are saddled with high-priced inventory they can’t quickly move, and consumer spending power is declining, the flooring industry faces a unique dilemma. While European Oak solid engineered flooring continues to enjoy enduring popularity, consumer preferences in flooring grades, colors, and trends are ever-evolving. The demand for high-grade Oak flooring is surging, presenting a paradox for us as suppliers. After three years of experimentation and refinement, we are poised to introduce a new wave in the flooring industry.

Focusing on how to offer high-grade Oak products at an unbeatable price, we’ve embarked on a journey of bold innovation in our material selection. Our choice? American Oak.

American Oak offers an alternative that’s equally prestigious as its European counterpart. Sourced predominantly from the northern regions around Washington, our American Oak aligns with the color profile you’d expect from European Oak but with a unique twist.

Now, let’s explore the specifics of why American Oak is the go-to choice for those in the know.

1. Proprietary Surface Treatment Process, Stable Color

After three years of testing and client feedback, we’ve honed a more stable surface treatment process. This innovation allows us to minimize the red components in American Oak, significantly reducing production costs. The result? American Oak flooring that closely matches the color profile of European Oak.

Comparative Analysis: American Oak vs European Oak

European oak flooring American oak flooring
European oak flooring American oak flooring
European oak ABC American oak ABC

2. American Oak's Grade Advantage

American Oak boasts a 40% high-grade yield, a stark contrast to European Oak’s 6-7% high-grade yield. This allows us to provide a more stable supply of high-grade products, specifically the AB grade. This is a game-changer for commercial clients who have faced challenges with capacity.

The ABC grade offers a more natural look, closely resembling the texture of European Oak flooring. American Oak contains about 30% of C grade, which maintains a natural appearance with slight color variations, mineral streaks, and small knots.

For a more natural grade selection, American Red Oak’s natural grade more closely mirrors European Oak solid engineered flooring, especially since the selection often comes from nearer the middle of the tree, providing finer textures.

3. Pricing

Could a 20-30% lower cost than European Oak flooring be the compelling reason you choose American Oak?

American Oak Flooring Showcase

We invite you to explore our American Oak flooring products, where quality and aesthetic excellence meet practicality and affordability.


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