What is The Worst Thing Can Happen to Engineered Flooring ?

What is the most serious quality problems for both engineered wood flooring manufacturers and overseas buyers?

1. Color not consistent/wrong/ ?
2. Manufacture defect ?
3. Wrong product ?
4. Order delayed ?
5. Bad quality coating ?
6. Delamination ?
7. Moisture not in the right range ?
8. Bad packing ?
9. Grading wrong ?

What is the worst thing can happen to engineered flooring?

Wholesale buyers and project buyers answer might be slightly different, those above problems all happens. If you have a right team in China, the defects visible can be checked out

As a Chinese engineered flooring supplier, what really worries me is something we can not see during the whole manufacture process. e.g. DELAMINATION!

Delamination will only be found after installation under a BAD quality control system. In the Western Countries, high Labor cost will take the problems to the edge of the cliff. That is the killing knife for both buyers and manufacturers. The flooring would be riped off and through away. If the buyers set up a long term business relationship with the manufacturer, the manufacturer would take the responsibilities, if it is only a project or short time relationship, buyer will be a victom of the big compensation

How to reduce the risk?

When you evaluate the manufacturer, pay particular attention to the glue, if every process is under the right survey. what test they do in their own factory, is it occassional or regular test? Those about the attitude of the manufacturer.

Here is songlinfloor’s Laboratory. We do oven-bake-out method test, Boiling water soak delamination test, formaldehyde test (desiccator method) on every order. The test samples will keep in the lab for 3 months.
You are welcome to discuss with us the serious problems for engineered wood flooring you think.

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