VFJ Solid Oak Flooring

VFJ (veneer finger joint) solid oak flooring is the next generation product in the industry; it combines advantages of both engineered and solid flooring, and shall gain a much bigger market in the next few years while the market recognition grows stronger since birth, also solid wood flooring material shortage becomes an obvious problem

Standard Size: RL 400-1500mm (1.3’-5’), width 125mm (5’’), thickness 18/3mm (3/4’’),

Custom made size available: width from 5”-10”

Structure: top-quality European oak sawn cut veneers glued and pressed on finger joint solid back, the appearance looks almost identical to solid flooring, and as strong as it, but VFJ solid oak flooring has a much higher level of adaptability to humidity and temperature changes, shrinkage and expansion changes are very small therefore can be installed in almost every States environments, nail down and Glue Down installation are both applicable.

Production point of view: from the supplier side, the VFJ solid Oak flooring finger joint back consumes wood that is not up to flooring-making standards, which minimizes the risk of material shortage in the market and gives a stable supply. We now contain a large quantity of stocks for finger joint back production, which means the price will be at a long term stable level too, during the past 4 years while the market has suffered from Covid-19, solid and engineered flooring prices had gone up 3-4 times, VFJ solid oak flooring price on the other hand only adjusted in small amount once. This is a great selling point to most wholesalers and distributors, in order to maintain a strong market share and relationship with clients.

After-sales: the last thing we want is many quality claims after sales, especially the wholesalers dealing with big quantities. In the past 5 years since we introduced the product to market, feedback from clients is even better than we expected. VFJ solid oak flooring’s stable structure/ competitive price / modern and flexible surface designs / high-quality standard makes the after-sales so easy and almost no claim from quality issue.

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