Best Natural Engineered Wood Flooring

Revive interiors with European oak flooring – rich in color, consistent across batches for wholesalers.

Wood Flooring Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe

No matter what style of wood flooring you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our equipment supports various finishing techniques, which makes the final product distinguishable from the vast majority of wood flooring on the market.

Product Details

Introducing the pinnacle of flooring solutions: our “Best Natural Engineered Wood Flooring” in the revered ABC Grade. This is more than just a floor; it’s a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and commitment to excellence.

Natural Authenticity: Each plank resonates with a natural texture that captures the timeless beauty of genuine wood. It’s this aesthetic allure that can transform spaces, making them feel both luxurious and welcoming.

Structural Integrity: At the core of our engineered wood lies its unmatched stability. Designed to endure, these floors not just withstand daily wear but age gracefully, maintaining their charm over the years.

Guaranteed Consistency: In business, consistency is key. Distributors and wholesalers can rest easy knowing that our supply lines remain steady, ensuring you can meet market demands without hitches.

Waterproof Excellence: Modern interiors require innovative solutions. And what can be better than wood flooring that offers the rich aesthetics of wood and the practical benefit of being water-resistant? A perfect blend for contemporary living.

Resilience Personified: Our flooring is not just about the looks; it’s engineered to resist, particularly against scratches. High traffic, kids, or pets, nothing dims its shine.

ABC Grade Assurance: The ABC Grade stamp isn’t just a classification; it’s a promise of quality. Offering a spectrum of options, it empowers you to cater to diverse clientele with varied preferences and budgets.

Our Best Engineered Wood Flooring with ABC Grade is your golden ticket. Align with excellence, and let’s redefine flooring standards, together.

Additional information

Flooring Type

Engineered wooden floor


European oak

Product code









UV Lacquered

Joint System



Floating, Glue Down



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