Premium European Oak Click Engineered Wood Flooring

Discover exceptional consistency with our enriched color Click Engineered Wood Flooring – a wholesale distributor’s first choice for European Oak.

Wood Flooring Wholesale Can Be Easy & Safe

No matter what style of wood flooring you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our equipment supports various finishing techniques, which makes the final product distinguishable from the vast majority of wood flooring on the market.

Product Details

Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of our Premium European Oak Click Engineered Wood Flooring. As a distributor or wholesaler looking to enrich your product line with quality and consistency, our flooring solution is the perfect fit.

Our Click Engineered Wood Flooring is crafted from authentic European Oak, a sought-after material revered for its remarkable durability, aesthetic beauty, and timeless appeal. The warmth and richness of European Oak add an inviting, homely charm to any interior, making it a top choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Our flooring also boasts a reactive stain technique that enhances its visual appeal. Unlike traditional staining methods, a reactive stain works by interacting with the wood’s natural tannins, resulting in a beautifully enriched color palette. This unique method provides a depth of color that is striking yet naturally fluctuating, producing a distinctive and appealing variation that gives each flooring plank its unique personality.

Furthermore, we prioritize consistency. We understand the potential issues that can arise from batch-to-batch color discrepancies. Hence, we have meticulously engineered our process to assure stability across different batches, promising you a consistent color and quality that your customers will appreciate.

In the ever-evolving flooring market, ease of installation is a key factor. Our Click Engineered Wood Flooring is designed with a convenient click system that simplifies the installation process. This feature saves time and reduces labor costs, making it a winning choice for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

We firmly believe that quality should not mean complexity, and our products encapsulate this belief. While our European Oak Click Engineered Wood Flooring offers unparalleled sophistication and quality, its maintenance needs are straightforward and manageable. This longevity and ease of care make it an appealing investment for your customers, assuring repeated business for you.

To sum up, our Premium European Oak Click Engineered Wood Flooring combines the aesthetic allure of enriched color, the strength and charm of European Oak, the ease of a click system, and the promise of remarkable consistency. It is not just a product – it is a statement of elegance and quality that can redefine any space.


Additional information

Flooring Type

Three Layer Engineered Floor


Architecture Design Series


French Oak

Product code





1860mm, 2200mm


189mm, 220mm, 260mm


14/3(mm), 15/4(mm)






Water Base



Joint System



Floating, Glue Down